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Deeply Connected Couples




12 Weeks

About the Course

As a doula for almost a decade, I saw firsthand the importance of maintaining a strong bond with your partner and the impact it has on a family when that piece is missing. You've invested in your relationship, hoped for it, attained it, now it's time to maintain it and make it even better than you ever thought possible!

Using my 4 Pillars of Connection technique, you will learn how to:

  • communicate in a way that allows you to feel seen and heard

  • build trust in a space of openness and safety

  • figure out what true intimacy looks like for you as individuals and as partners

  • implement practices for nurturing intimacy on a daily basis

  • explore touch and somatic practice to light up your senses and love life

  • and so much more!

What we'll do in our time together:

  • 12 week deep dive with expert group intimacy sessions

  • Learn techniques on communication, trust, intimacy and touch

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your partner & self

  • Virtual weekly group sessions to build & nurture intimacy

  • 2 Day Get Connected Couples Intensive Workshop attendance

  • 1-1 Private follow up coaching session at program completion

  • Savings on opt-in to Private individual or couple's coaching

If you're ready for your new beginning, register now!

Your Instructor

Heni Rivera

Heni Rivera

Hi loves! I'm Heni Rivera, expert certified Intimacy & Relationship coach. My passion is helping clients have the most fulfilling, connected and lit up life of their dreams by showing them how to reignite the love, creativity and passion within. I help you get out of your own way, reconnect with your partner or yourself on a deeper level, find your joy, get embodied and empowered and become your own relationship goal!

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