Investment Options

  • Premier Birth

    Being nurtured to thrive starts here, from day one!
    Valid for one year
    • 2 Prenatal Planning Sessions
    • Private Childbirth Education/Prep Class
    • Unlimited access to your doula team via phone/text/email
    • Monthly virtual check-ins for updates & encouragement
    • Labor & Birth Support (in person or virtual)
    • Up to 8 Hours of in home Postpartum Care (day/overnight)
  • Bringing in Baby

    Everything Premier Birth offers + Newborn/Postpartum Care
    Valid for one year
    • Private Birth Planning, Childbirth Education & Prep Sessions
    • Labor & Birth Support (in person or virtual)
    • Up to 25 hours of Postpartum care the first week home!
  • All You Need-Thrive

    Concierge Birth & Postpartum VIP Experience
    Valid for one year
    • Private Birth Planning/Education/Prep Sessions
    • Infant/Breastfeeding Education & Support (class & consult)
    • Labor & Birth Support (in person or virtual)
    • Up to 50 Hours of in home postpartum care (day/overnight)
    • 1-1 Hour Prenatal or Postnatal Massage
    • *Bonus- 1 Hour Maternity Henna or Reiki Energy Session
  • Well-Rested

    Postpartum care to ease the transition into parenthood
    Valid for one week
    • Up to 25 hours of in home postpartum care for newborn/family
    • Daytime or Overnight
    • Everything you need to get your family off to a great start!
  • PostpartumA La Carte

    Flexible postpartum care for the hours you need
    • Select a custom no. of hours & days for your specific needs
    • 5 hr min-daytime, 8 hr min-overnight
  • Little PeaceO'Heaven

    Expert Prenatal/Postpartum Massage for luxurious relaxation!
    • 1 Hour Prenatal or Postpartum Little Peace of Heaven Massage
  • Belly J'Adore Henna

    Show off your bump in style with chic, custom henna art!
    • 1 Private Maternity Henna session for expert Belly Adornment
  • Reiki Pregnancy Pack

    Balancing sessions to de-stress and heal during pregnancy
    Valid for 9 months
    • 9-1 hour sessions (valid for 9 months)
  • Reiki A La Carte

    De-stress, balance and heal with transformative sessions
    • 1 hour intuitive energizing and healing Reiki sessions
    • Book as needed
  • Deeply Connected

    Every month
    Intimacy coaching to reconnect & strengthen relationships
    Valid for 4 months
    • 2 Hour reigniting the passion within intro session
    • Weekly one on one 1 hour expert deep dive coaching sessions
    • Optional Energy Balance & Reset session
  • Couple's Intensive

    Nurture your relationship in a life altering intensive
    • 2 day deep dive with expert one on one intimacy sessions